Heath Ventuary-DAO


The problems presented by the project today are the lack of a physical space (office) for the organization of all. Developers with knowledge at BlockChains to expand Cryptocurrency’s vision; qualified staff for social networking and Conversation Forum management, as well as more staff for different areas.

In addition to a legal Advisor and Personnel Administration and RRHH.


With a basic amount, it will be possible to solve the existing problem, since this could be paid to a more qualified staff to accelerate the progress of the project and in such a way to advance and bring everything to greater stability. The success of the project lies in the organisation of the staff that will provide the foundation and support for the project.


Creating a cryptocurrency with a unique feature of easy, quick and entertaining achievement will be the characteristic of Heath. because it is aimed at supporting those who most need support, whether economic or at project level.

Why smart contracts and DLT?

Payments in Crypto, Buy/Sell Operations, Internal Transfers and Remittances

New features or MVP description

Heath, a utility token developed through the wave – produced intelligent contract system, has as its functionality the payment of Medicinal Products, Technology, remittance, and other services, its security levels are associated with those of WAVES because it is a token born from this cryptomoneda. It is exchanged within the WAVES internal exchange platform.

Go to market strategy

Use of social networks and applications as promotional tools for the useful token, highlighting telegram among them.

Rewards for project supporters

discount benefit in relation to Stake / percentage for future purchases through Heath Token

Current stage of the project

1. Launch of heath.cl and social media. (DONE)

2. Launch of heathfind.cl (DONE)

3. Signing of the contract as reseller of XPOS PundiX. (DONE)

4. Create App to foster a healthy life. (DONE)

5. Create a GPS App. (In process)